Auditorium Opening Ceremony

History (Sample)

AL AMAN MUSLIM MAHA VIDYALAYA  was a precious thought that crossed the mind of the who founded the school first and purchased a plot of land in 1817. Later in 1823, he built one classroom and a   bungalow, and a little later a Tamil medium primary school was also started there.

As girls were not allowed to go to school in those days, only boys were admitted and it progressed well. It was recommended that English should be taught as a subject in schools in 1833. In 1838, within the same premises,  started the , and Tamil medium school was the feeding School

As the girls were not allowed to go to school, it was a difficult task for the missionaries to educate girls.  In spite of the opposition, they were able to persuade some of the parents, and their daughters were taught to read and write. This achievement encouraged the missionaries and they wanted to develop the process further.  At that time,   were of immense help to them.