Auditorium Opening Ceremony


Deputy Principal Message

Mr. Ubaithulla

Monday also ushered in Languages Week with an exciting range of activities linked to the learning of the various languages on offer to our students, as well providing opportunity for cultural appreciation too.  and his team as well as all of our students who made Languages Week such a success!

The ramadan  season celebrations resumed on  in a wonderful whole-school  Assembly that featured traditional games and sports performances from the talented performers of both the Junior and Senior Schools. Teachers and students were invited to attend school in Sri Lankan national costume, and among the traditional rituals celebrated was the boiling of the milk and the tradition of Ganu-Denu. It is always a pleasure to be part of our wonderful international community as students and teachers from all over the world gather to celebrate the traditions and customs unique to the remarkable

Mr. Ubaithulla
Deputy Principal
Al Aman Muslim Maha Vidyalaya.